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Caddy Clipz Golf Accessory


Caddy Clipz has many attributes that solves the four major problems confronting average golfers today. These problems include: forgetting clubs on previous holes, wet grips during early morning games, constant bending to retrieve clubs from the ground, and wasted time on the hole. These issues cause the golfer to become stressed and fatigued.

There are a few golf accessory products on the market that serve similar purposes. However, none of them are as convenient and practical as the Caddy Clipz golf accessory. These other products tend to degrade the golf course, become a hassle to carry, and only offer solutions to one or two of the problems facing today's average golfer.

Unlike expensive products that damage the golf course, Caddy Clipz is made of a durable and lightweight plastic that fits on the golfer’s waistline. Caddy Clipz effectively and efficiently holds a wedge or putter club on a golfer's waistline while the golfer is near or on the green. Caddy Clipz combines the look and feel of a cell phone clip with the support and security of a holster. Caddy Clipz gives the user an advantage over other golfers in the way the golfer carries and safeguards their wedge and putter golf clubs. Caddy Clipz can help empower golfers by increasing confidence and reducing the stress of the game; making the game of golf more enjoyable!

Caddy Clipz Helps:
  • Prevent wet grips!
  • Reduce the chance of lost or forgotten golf clubs!
  • Reduce bending down to pick up your wedge or putter!
  • Reduce unnecessary walking across the green to retrieve your wedge!
  • Reduce wasted time on the hole!
  • Reduce stress!
  • Keep your pace of play!
  • Increase enjoyment of your golf game!
Package includes:
  • One (1) Caddy Clipz Accessory
  • Three (3) Ball Markers
  • One (1) Divot tool
  • Photobucket

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